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Executive, Virtual office and Conference room rental in Riverside CA

Welcome to Granville Business Center

 Executive office, Virtual office, Conference room rental service in Riverside CA

Executive, Virtual office and Conference room rental in Riverside, CA

More than just an office, everything you need to succeed

Executive, Virtual office and Conference room rental in Riverside, CA

The Inland Empire Premier Business Area

Executive office, Virtual Office and Conference Room Rental Service in Riverside CA. The stunning and gracious architecture and beautifully designed and maintained landscape are the first things you will notice.

Great Location

Located in a beautiful and historic area of Riverside, the stunning and gracious architecture and beautifully designed and maintained landscape are the first things you will notice, but Granville Business Center is much more.

Upscale, Updated

Granville Business Center is newly remodeled from the ground up to get you and your business up and running smoothly, we have everything an established or new business needs.


In addition the area offers numerous choices of different restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, a fully equipped fitness center with racquetball and handball, grocery and drug stores, all literally a few driving minutes from your front door. Plus you are only minutes from the downtown financial and legal center of the Inland Empire, and the 91 freeway. Everything you need is right here at Granville Business Center.


Daily fresh gourmet coffee and tea service


Beautification Award Winning Architecture


 Spacious parking space


80MB high speed Internet service with technical support

  • Executive, Virtual office and Conference room rental in Riverside CA
  • Fully equipped offices
  • Professional receptionist with personalized telephone answering and concierge services, 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday
  • Mail & package handling service
  • 80MB high speed Internet service with technical support
  • Access to fully furnished and decorated conference room with 50”LCD, HDTV screen, Video conferencing, Internet and computer system set up
  • 24 hours phone answering and messaging service
  • 24 hours suite access and monitored security
  • Mail and package sorting service
  • Spacious parking space
  • Daily fresh gourmet coffee and tea service

Office  Rental

  • Full time Executive Suite
  • Day Office


Virtual Office Basic

  • Mail Handling Service
  • Telephone Service


Virtual Office Plus

  • Mail Handling Service
  • Professional receptionist with personalized telephone answering
  • VoIP Phone Service


Conference Room Rental

  • Large Conference Room
  • Small Conference Room


7121 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA 92506

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